Our Story

Sidney Taylor opened his grocery shop (pictured) in 1931, in the Oxfordshire town of Woodstock.

Since then, the Taylor family has specialised in an entirely new vocation, born from an interest and passion for craftsmanship and antique furniture.

"I find it a real pleasure in this day and age to be able to work with my hands in creating something born from an idea and bringing it to fruition. To know that my great grandfather had the same motivation to realise his dream spurs me on every day. As my home, the Cotswolds has a real place in my heart and it's great to feel that I am giving a bit of that love back."

Edward Taylor - Managing Director

As a family run business, we have have been producing, maintaining and restoring quality wooden furniture for nearly 50 years.

Three generations are still involved in the business today delivering varied skillsets and knowledge, to help achieve any challenge asked of us. We intend to preserve the character of the Cotswolds for generations to come.

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